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  • Cancer is often preventable and curable if you take the initiative to get yourself screened.
  • We provide risk assessment and screening for breast, colorectal, cervical and other gynaecological cancers.
  • We will help you to evaluate any symptom you may be concerned with, investigate your family history and assess any risk factor that may predispose you to cancer.
  • We will perform the appropriate and necessary tests to detect and treat the disease promptly.


  • Certain cancers in women are preventable by simple measures, such as, regular check-ups and vaccination.
  • You may consult us for more information on how you can prevent the development of these cancers.

Diagnosis and Staging

  • The diagnosis of cancer must be confirmed before treatment.
  • Our surgeons are experts in the latest techniques of cancer detection and diagnosis – which will enable us to quickly come to a diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • We employ specialized laboratory and radiologic tests that will be able to ascertain accurately the stage of the disease and offer you the best possible treatment that will maximize your chance of cure.


  • Every step of the treatment is critical to achieve a good outcome for the patient.
  • The treatment of cancers includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy and targeted therapy.
  • In some instances, it is advantageous to perform surgery first, and subsequently add chemotherapy or radiotherapy, whilst in other circumstances, the optimal treatment may require adjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery.
  • Because each individual’s cancer is slightly different, and there are special considerations depending on concomitant medical problems, we need to individualize your treatment.


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